*Covid-19:  We are open.  Our waitlist is only a couple of weeks long at this time.  To start the process for scheduling, you may go ahead and fill out paperwork in the contact tab and submit it. 

Portland pelvic therapy provides highly specialized physical therapy for pelvic floor, pelvic structures, abdominal conditions and chronic or neural pain.  Expect to receive exceptional, intuitive  care in  an understanding environment, with techniques that get to the root of the issue, not just symptom care.

The techniques here are a unique combination of the art of extremely specific manual techniques (for nerves, organs, fascia, muscles, or vascular restriction), the current research  (Nari is a nationwide educator on pelvic rehab), as well as Nari’s inherent intuitive abilities  to work with and interpret your individual tissues and presentation, not a cook book approach.  Your experience here will likely be very different than past pelvic therapy you have tried.

We treat all the following: abdominal pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain,  bladder issues, pelvic prolapse, hip pain and tailbone issues. We also treat pre and postpartum conditions, such as recovering from c-section or birth trauma, and postural re-education and residual diastis recti (abdominal separation) after the birth of the baby, pubic bone or SI pain.  Sexual dysfunction such as pain or anorgasmia also responds well to our treatment.   We  treat the realm of bowel issues from constipation or IBS to fecal leakage. We offer treatment for nerve pain and neural dysfunction or restriction anywhere in the body, and more specifically for neural entrapment issues within the pelvis, such as pudendal neuralgia or neural based pelvic pain.  These conditions are frequent after hernia repair, surgery, or endometriosis.

We also have treatments for the nervous system as a whole and for helping the vagus nerve and autonomic nervous system find a place of safety and calm, out of the work of polyvagal theory.

We provide support in gender confirmation and sexual identity past or current trauma, as well as embodiment support.  (see blue writing below)

We frequently provide relief to patients who have failed previous pelvic floor physical therapy interventions. As patients come with pelvic issues, they frequently find their irritable bowel, migraines, nerve pain, back pain, anxiety, and general stiffness or are improved as a byproduct. We address the whole system, which will start with a different art of manual therapy but may also include dietary changes, a meditation program, or just teaching your body different ways to work. See testimonials for more details of patient successes.

Many patients come for symptoms and stay on for wellness care of their visceral (organ), neural, musculoskeletal symptoms, and for emotional well being.  We welcome patients seeking wellness care to optimize their total health, for pelvic or other concerns.

PLEASE NOTE:  we have dedicated this practice to the treatment of women, and we schedule mostly female clients, as we feel that is our specialty here.  Traditional male pelvic care is a special subspecialty we do not treat at this time, due to the length of the waitlist.  However, gender is fluid, and there are cases that are not as clear cut.  I am happy to help anyone through their gender confirmation and transition journey, whether that is care after a surgical change or embodiment as their true expression of  fluid gender or sexual identity or trauma reduction in their body.   Please contact me to discuss any special cases.  I am happy to provide referrals or provide care that may not be readily available through referral.