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Patient PA

I suffered for over 30 yrs with constipation and bowel obstructions due to adhesions from several abdominal surgeries. Nari’s treatments have made me a new woman. I also had pelvic floor issues which she uncovered during the course of my treatment and corrected those as well. I no longer

Patient PK

I was referred to Nari after two surgeries (hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair), and I had constant pain in my vagina area, especially when sitting. I was also having constipation problems. Nari helped me with these problems and has relieved my vagina pain through therapy. She also helped me

Patient AK

When I was 19 years old I had constant pelvic pain. It was a persistent problem that interfered with my everyday life. The cramping was so bad I often wore a stick on heating pad to my college classes, always slept with a plug in heating pad, and avoided intimate contact due to pelvic pain.

Patient RH

I am so happy to recommend Nari Clemmons as a pelvic floor therapist. She has changed my life and this is how: I suffered for about two years from urine and bowl inconstancy. I thought for my age of 78 that this is one of the issues for aging. When I went to Mayo Clinic […]