About Nari

Nari Clemons has over 17 years experience as a physical therapist, with an exclusive focus on pelvic, hip, and abdominal disorders for the past 8 years. Nari created Portland Pelvic Therapy as a professional, nurturing space, where patients could receive unparalleled care with respect and privacy.

naribio Nari feels her patients are her greatest teachers, and she learns through them and from them each day.  She is honored and humbled that the support of her patients allows her to maintain this clinic to serve them.  Nari is continually studying new  techniques to help her patients experience changes and improvements with each visit.    She strives to truly understand the cause of each patients pain and to address the root cause.

Nari is a leader in her field, teaching and writing the very courses therapists take to learn how to do pelvic therapy, on faculty with the Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute (the premier pelvic education source for therapists in America). She has taken over 500 hours of continuing education in her specialty alone, traveling as far as France to study manual therapies, shadowing in the bowel program at Mayo Clinic, as well as staying current on the latest research in her field.  Nari has her PRPC (board certification for pelvic floor practice) .   In addition, Nari was one of 15 nationwide pelvic physical therapist selected to author questions for the national physical therapist board certification exam (PRPC) that is now in development.  She has lectured at universities as well as at several medical hospitals throughout the country.

Nari is trained in (and continues to study)  Barral visceral manipulation,  Barral neural manipulation, traditional pelvic floor treatment techniques, and orthopedic manual therapy. She also has extensive meditation instruction experience, and  is a certified yoga instructor. She utilizes an individual approach with each patient based on their goals, history, and physical and emotional presentation.

Nari  enjoys meditation, exercise, reading, hiking,  learning, teaching, yoga, nature, and spending quality time with her friends and family.