Bowel leakage

Man with a paper bag isolated on white backgroundFecal incontinence or smearing (bowel leakage) is an under-reported problem that can often be helped by strengthening anal outlet musculature.

Patients often report smears of discoloration in their undergarments, losing their bowels during the day, finding feces on the toilet paper every time you urinate and wipe (without having had a bowel movement) or an inability to stop themselves from passing gas, even in embarrassing situations. Sometimes there is a history of birth trauma or radiation treatment locally.

These embarrassing problem are treatable with time and attention. Increasing sensory awareness via modalities helps in training to sense feces or gas more easily. Additionally, tweaking some sphincter relaxing foods in your diet can help. Reducing local scar improves muscle function and contractility. Estim and nerve retraining help to regain control of the sphincter to form a better defense. Often a combination of techniques may eliminate the problem altogether, if the patient can commit to working on the program.