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Because this CD works best with headphones, a download to your phone’s itunes or google play account is the easiest way to make it user-friendly in your personal life.  Download one track or the whole CD.

From ITunes

From apple music

From Google Play

Current Medical Technologies carries copies of the CD for $12.50, and they will be more expedient with shipping than if you buy directly from me.  They also keep adequate inventory in stock at all times.

If your computer has a CD/DVD drive, you can download it directly to your iTunes or Google Play account

I am no longer selling with Amazon.

If you are a clinic looking to order a bulk supply of CD’s (10 or more), they are $10 per CD (shipping is included).  Email me your address and how many you want, and I will send you an according paypal pay request.  Clinics ordering more than 20 CD’s can order them for $9 per CD.