We are located in Northwest Portland to the East of Beaverton.  We are near Caitlin Gable and St. Vincent Providence

Our clinic location is 560 NW 87th Terrace, Portland Oregon.  Google maps or waze gives accurate directions.

To reach us, please fill out the contact form.  Please allow one week for replies.  If you would like to become a new patient, please leave your cell phone number and indicate if you can receive texts, as well as the best email and phone number to reach you, and your date of birth, so I can send you paperwork.  Thank you.

Please note, this clinic has shifted its focus to solely women’s health needs.  We no longer treat traditional male pelvic care or children in this practice, but we are happy to provide you with a referral to a local provider.  However, we do treat the realm of gender and sexual identity transitions, confirmations, and embodiment.  Please contact me specifically if the care you seek falls in this realm.  This is an underserved population I am happy to help.  We have narrowed our focus to better serve the population we serve most and can uniquely help most.  Thank you for understanding.

Our waitlist is only a couple weeks at this time.  To expedite your scheduling, please fill out the new patient paperwork link to the right.  We only move to scheduling once paperwork is completed. All policies and payment information is in the paperwork.

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