Diane Settles, MD, Gastroenterologist, Assistant Clinical Professor or Medicine

“I work as a Gastroenterolgist, (specializing) in bowel motility disorders and pelvic floor within the realm of gastroenterology and hepatology.  I did specialized training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  When I first started my career at IUHealth, I sought out a meeting with the lead pelvic therapist, Nari Clemons.  Nari travelled to Mayo and learned the program…only (otherwise) offered at Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins.  For patients with chronic constipation, this (program) is a low cost alternative with no adverse side effects….Nari also offers treatments to treat fecal incontinence with success…. I send patients to Nari because she is the only practicing physical therapist in the area with this specific skill set….Nari offers expertise beyond what we see in most pelvic floor therapists.  Her skills and techniques are beyond the scope of a general physical therapist…in the Indianapolis/Carmel Area.  We rely on her skill set and patient rapport for our patients.”