About Nari:

I’ve been a physical therapist for 20 years, with a focus on pelvic and abdominal care for the last 12 years.

I’m an instructor with Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute, teaching the series of classes therapists take to become pelvic rehab certified. I also have written a class series on manually treating pelvic nerves, which is also offered through Herman Wallace.   I’m PRPC certified (Board Certification for Pelvic Rehab), and was one of the dozen instructors nationwide selected to write questions for the board exam. In addition to having written classes and teach nationally on nerve treatment for pelvic conditions, and I run local study groups to help raise the bar of pelvic care in Portland, and I teach classes on boundaries and integrative care.    I  share what I’ve learned, so more therapists can help more people.  I’m also an intuitive and can “read” dysfunction in the body, and we use this with deeply specific manual therapy to enact a path of change in the safest and gentlest way for your body.  Good treatment is not just technique.  It is also about connection, a feeling of safety, and knowing you, your body, and your history have been heard and are being honored.  I strive to be a provider who is grounded and takes care of her own nervous system health with meditative and centering practices before placing my hands on you.  Most of all, I love what I do: helping people to live their fullest lives with joy and good health. I would be honored to help you along your path to wellness.

I began my physical therapy career with an emphasis in orthopedics, though I was also practicing a lot of more spiritual healing arts on the side. After needing to see a pelvic floor therapist myself, I became deeply interested in this field.  I took as many courses as I could, to learn more specificity and clarity of treatment with internal pelvic issues.  In time I started to teach these same classes.  After treating pelvic floor disorders for a few years, it became so clear to me that disorders of digestion, sexual function, and urination start higher in the abdomen and need to be treated as such, instead of just addressing the outlet of the system in the pelvic floor muscles.

I started studying Visceral (organ) manipulation. Over time, it seemed the symptoms in the pelvis were also caused by tension in the nervous system. This led me to study manual techniques specific to the brain and nerves  to add to my manual repertoire.  I deeply respect the osteopathic systems of “listening to the body” and treating the root of the issue:  whether that is bony alignment, nerve tension, organ dysfunction or physical therapy traditional modalities of movement systems, strengthening, muscles, and joints.  After years of working with nerves, I was amazed to learn about the power of the vagus nerve and the interventions that can physically decompress the path of this nerve and optimize the nervous system’s ability to find a place of more peace, less tension, and less acting out of prior trauma.  After 25 plus years of being a daily meditator myself, I have been amazed at the peace and ease that physical treatment of the nervous system can bring clients who are willing and wanting to grow in this direction . This is why I now say I specialize in the pelvis, abdomen, organs, and nervous system. Our Portland practice goes far beyond pelvic floor muscles.