Male Conditions

Yes, men, you are welcomed here.  We do manual therapy for men, just as we do for women and understand that most men come to us after years of failed treatment, simply desperate to feel better.  I have taken a number of male specific courses and actually now assist in the teaching of male pelvic courses, which keeps me up on the research and latest treatment methods.   We will discuss how we will handle situations on the first visit and proceed as you are comfortable.  We keep the anatomy draped as much as possible.

We have had excellent success treating male patients with the following diagnoses:

  • coccyx or rectal pain
  • abdominal pain/adhesion/post surgical or radiation to the abdomen
  • Gastrointestinal/digestive issues
  • non bacterial prostatitis pain
  • post vasectomy pain
  • pudendal nerve pain/neuralgia
  • nerve pain after hernia repair or femoral catheter procedures

We have around a 90% success rates with helping penile, testes, or scrotal pain or prostate like pain.

We have significantly less success with treating erectile/sexual dysfunction unless it is pain or tissue restriction based.  So, we  prefer not to see clients solely for ED without pain or surgery or tissue injury for this reason. We have noticed greater success when there is also pelvic pain to treat or history of back pain, hernia, or other abdominal surgery. We also notice better success with patients who are under the age of 50 and have not had prostatectomy surgery.

Similarly, I would like to be honest that we have had moderate success with urinary leakage after prostatectomy, but that success rate is dramatically less after radiation.  We have had good results treating fecal incontinence or bowel issues after radiation.  Please note, we do not see patients with Medicare, but we are happy to recommend another local therapist.