Male Conditions

  PLEASE NOTE:  we have generally dedicated this practice to the treatment of women, and we generally schedule only female clients, as we feel that is our specialty here.  Traditional male pelvic care is a special subspecialty we do not treat at this time, due to the length of the waitlist and the ease with which we can provide referrals for traditional male pelvic care elsewhere.  However, gender is a fluid, mostly a societal construct, and there are cases that are not so clear cut.  I am happy to help anyone through their gender confirmation and transition journey, whether that is care after a surgical change or embodiment as their true expression of  gender in their body.  Additionally, there is often old trauma when someone may identify out of the ideas of what was normal when or where they may have grown up.  I am happy to help with those issues, regardless of sexual or gender identification, especially because this is a greatly underserved population I can not necessarily provide referrals for.  Please contact me to discuss any special cases.  I am happy to provide referrals or alternately to  provide care that may not be readily available through referral.

Thank you.