Patient KM

Nari is the BEST. I am an oncology patient in remission. Prior to treatment, i had 4th degree tears during the birth of my first son. Nari has helped me with pelvic floor/incontinence issues from the tears (that were exacerbated by the cancer treatments), the fascial/muscle issues from radiation treatment, and other health setbacks that resulted from chemo treatment. She is gentle, compassionate, and warm. I highly recommend her–she is a true healer.

Patient VJ

I have had pelvic floor pain,specifically pudendal nerve entrapment, for the last 14 months.  Prior to sessions with Nari the pain was 7-10 on the pain scale and occurred daily.  I am very pleased to say that Nari has reduced the pain to 0-3  on a daily basis.
I am so grateful to have found Nari and grateful to the physician that recommended her.
DO NOT hesitate to seek her out!.