Patient RH

I am so happy to recommend Nari Clemmons as a pelvic floor therapist. She has changed my life and this is how: I suffered for about two years from urine and bowl inconstancy. I thought for my age of 78 that this is one of the issues for aging. When I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, for my annual check up last November, I was told that I could benefit from pelvic floor therapy.

The physical therapy department at Mayo Clinic  said the best pelvic floor therapist they ever knew is Nari Clemons and that I am lucky that she i practicing in Indianapolis. They said, “If you have to wait for months to see her, the wait is worth it. She can do wonders that no one else can for your problem.”  So, I waited until February when Nari opened her own clinic and I believe I am one of her first patients at her new clinic; I couldn’t wait to have her treatments.   I have completed the treatments and am no longer suffering from incontenence. Through her physical therapy, massages and advice on cutting out foods that seem to aggravate my condition, Nari has made me feel young again.

Thank you, Nari. You are a miracle worker.