Abdominal Pain

Stomach issuesOur abdominal cavity houses our major organs necessary for survival.  Six of the ten most
commonly performed surgeries in the United States are abdominal surgeries.  And, not coincidentally, the eleventh most common surgery in the US is removal of abdominal adhesions, most often from prior abdominal surgery.  Additionally, many issues such as endometriosis can create painful restriction in the abdomen.  Sometimes, even without prior history of abdominal surgery, patients have painful, bloated, crampy abdomens.  Many patients have been diagnosed with abdominal adhesive disease and are only offered more surgery.

  • Certainly, there are many causes from abdominal pain, ranging from simple myofascial or muscular pain to serious issues such as cancer or bowel obstruction.   We do require a physician script and a workup from a physician.  Once a patient has been cleared by their physician, we can often help.
  • Visceral work helps many of our abdominal and pelvic pain patients.  Our patients report a wide range of symptom relief from visceral manipulation, and they generally start to see relief by the 4th treatment.  (This treatment is generally much less effective if the patient is an active smoker).  There are treatments for lingering pain from surgeries, digestive pain from abdominal or pelvic dysfunction, pain with menses, abdominal adhesions.  Frequently, many patients with IBS related pain also report relief of pain and some normalization of their bowel patterns with our manual techniques, breathing techniques, and home programming.