Coccyx pain

Your spine is made up of many small bones (vertebrae).  At the lowest segment is a fused portion, known as the coccyx or tailbone.  Three of the most powerful pelvic floor muscles attach directly to each side of the coccyx, and a fourth muscle attaches indirectly.  When there are restrictions in these muscles or the surrounding fascia or when there has been direct trauma or a fall to mis-align the coccyx, it can generate tremendous pain.

  • Patient frequently cite they suffered a fall on the tailbone, or had a painful birth with pain on the back side.    Whatever the reason, sitting now hurts, and a donut cushion is no help.
  • We have many manual techniques to sooth and realign those unhappy tissues.  If the coccyx is misaligned in a forward or side bent position, we can internally (rectally) correct this problem.