Pudendal Neuralgia

There is a nerve in the seat area that provides sensation to your genital and rectal area.  When this nerve is irritated, entrapped, compressed, or has suffered trauma, it creates pain sensations.

  • Patients talk about burning pain in their lower regions. Some people report it comes on after biking on a narrow seat, sometimes after carrying a baby, sometimes pelvic surgery, sometimes after a particularly stressful period, after prolonged sitting, and sometimes there was no clear trigger.
  • Pain can wax and wane and the condition is often misdiagnosed as coccyx pain
  • Pain is frequently accompanied by increased tension in pelvic floor muscles and is exacerbated by sitting.
  • Please know that muscle stretching alone will not help the pudendal nerve.  I have written and teach classes on this subject. The nerve needs to be decompressed in several common sites of tension before actually manipulating the nerve directly.  It is easily irritated and inflamed, so starting with proximal decompression is imperative in treatment.
  • By releasing the surrounding tissues, fascia, and addressing neural tension along the course of the nerves and spine, we heal patients of this condition.  Sometimes the reason is all local restriction, sometimes it is restricted by soft tissue or organ, and sometimes it comes from farther away in the spine.  We address all three.
  • In addition to manual techniques from a qualified PT, relaxation and meditation training can also be very beneficial.