endometriosis and post surgical pain

Patients dealing with endometriosis and post-surgical pain have a common condition.  Normally, within the body, the different layers of tissue glide across one another.  With scarring from surgery or adhesions from endometriosis, the body forms adhesions or connections between organs or layers of tissues that are not normally there.

With organ mobilization and fascial work, we can optimize the movement between structures, thus reducing the amount of pain receptors.

In the US, 6 of the 10 most commonly performed surgeries are abdominal.  These all can create adhesion in time.  The 11th most common surgery is removal of adhesions from prior surgery, so common is the side effect.  We can help reduce the cumulative sequella.  Patients who have had multiple surgeries are frequently pleasantly surprised at how much gentle manual work can do, when it is highly specific.

With endometriosis, the only definitive cure is hysterectomy with adhesion lysis.  For those patients who elect conservative care, a scope every 2-3 years is the norm.  Effective manual therapy can reduce the amount of pain in between surgeries and lengthen the time between surgeries for pain relief.  We work in tandem with a reproductive endocrinologist, as the management of the disease process is hormonal.  This means PT can help the loss of function with endo, but the actual process of adhesions bleeding monthly needs to be managed hormonally . We help keep gliding and motion between structures to reduce pelvic, abdominal, and digestive pain and rely on the physician to stop the cycles of swelling and bleeding in the abdomen every month.  Sometimes endo patients have so much relief that they want to stop conventional care.  While we are very happy to help in the life of patients, we encourage continued management by your physician or naturopath.