Pre/Post Partum Conditions

CorazonWhile pregnancy is a blessing, most of us had no idea how much it would change how we feel in our bodies: before, during, and after. Pregnancy-related orthopedic pain and issues such as low back and SI pain can be managed with physical therapy intervention from a specialist during your pregnancy.

After delivery, women suffer from diastasis recti (separated abdominals), post  c-section pain or abdomen weakness.  Many women are  trying to recover from vaginal injury from perineal tears or episiotomies from the birthing process. These problems are seldom talked about, but are very real and respond well to treatment. Larger tears respond particularly well to early treatment. Retraining these muscles can prevent future prolapse and bowel problems later in life.

Months of toting a newborn baby around, hours of rounded positioning for  nursing or bottle-feeding, and months of  hauling baby items around can wreak havoc on a woman’s posture and alignment.  A walk by a mirror may cause a woman to do a double take at your alignment, or perhaps women find they are more injury prone from all the loose ligaments in the hip and low back. We have a ‘tune-up’ of sorts to get that mojo back, help you stand tall, feel strong again,  and to help stop hurting.