Patient LB:

First off, I had no idea pelvic physical therapy exsisted before my Docotor referred me to Nari at Portland Pelvic Therapy. I’m a long time endometriosis sufferer and have already had one surgery to remove what adhesions they could. At the time my doctor referred me, I was at the end of my rope. I had pain all the time, even while on an oral contraceptive(which most doctors will tell you is the solution to slowing the growth of endo). My Husband and I had tried to conceive our first child for several years up to this point and we were beyond hopeless that this could be possible for us. Especially since I was in so much pain. I trusted my gut and thought why not give pelvic PT a try; I literally had nothing to lose at this point.

Within 6 months of seeing Nari I am 90% pain free. I feel like I have my life back (those with chronic pain know what a big deal that is). My hope, as far as family planning, is also restored. I ask that for anyone suffering with any type of pelvic pain, please go see Nari. She is not only the most incredible person I’ve ever met, but the process does not hurt!

She is so professional and I have never felt more safe and valiadated by anyone else in the medical community so far. Bottom line, this works for me and she cares so much for her patients. There is life beyond chronic pelvic pain and constant pain medications! Please go and see for yourself.

Patient HP:

Nari is, first and foremost, a most talented healer. Her work is a perfect union of science and the ineffable. She has both an insanely detailed and technical understanding of the physical body and its mechanics and a deep reverence for, and understanding of, spirit and the integral role it plays in wellness. She listens without judgment, honors your individual experience of illness and holds space for you with gentle support and encouragement. Most importantly, she reminds us that it is natural for our bodies to be well and through energetic and physical alignment assists the body in rediscovering its balance. I came to Nari after nearly two years of feeling nothing but betrayal and frustration towards my own body. My life had become unrecognizable. Not only has working with Nari relieved much of my physical (and surprisingly mental) discomfort but she has most miraculously restored my faith in my body’s innate healing abilities. My Doctor was absolutely amazed with the progress I’ve made in only 3 short months of working with her. Its surreal to say that my body is no longer my enemy, and even crazier to feel at home in it once more. Thank you so much, Nari, for helping me get my life and spirit back ☺

Patient PA

I suffered for over 30 yrs with constipation and bowel obstructions due to adhesions from several abdominal surgeries. Nari’s treatments have made me a new woman. I also had pelvic floor issues which she uncovered during the course of my treatment and corrected those as well. I no longer have the incontinence problem I was beginning to develop. I am so grateful I was referred to her and only wish she had been around sooner to help me with this painful and difficult condition and several hospitalizations.

Patient PK

I was referred to Nari after two surgeries (hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair), and I had constant pain in my vagina area, especially when sitting. I was also having constipation problems. Nari helped me with these problems and has relieved my vagina pain through therapy. She also helped me with my constipation problems through therapy and also by giving me dietary helps and suggestions. Nari is very kind and makes you feel very comfortable. She is very encouraging, gentle and knowlegable. She is tops in her field.

Patient AK

When I was 19 years old I had constant pelvic pain. It was a persistent problem that interfered with my everyday life. The cramping was so bad I often wore a stick on heating pad to my college classes, always slept with a plug in heating pad, and avoided intimate contact due to pelvic pain. On top of the pain I was also using the bathroom almost hourly and waking up 4-5 times nightly if not more to use the bathroom. There were times when I would cry while using the restroom due to pain. Just thinking of that time in my life is difficult for me. No freshman in college should have to go through what I went through. Eventually, after many doctors had found my condition peculiar but undiagnosable, I was finally diagnosed with both endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. I was treated for the endometriosis via an all progesterone continuous birth control, but told there was nothing I could do for the IC. It was only after a few more doctor visits that physical therapy was suggested for me. So at 19 years of age I met Nari, and that day honestly changed my life.

Four years later I am a college graduate. I am getting married in June and have a positive and pain free intimate relationship with my Fiancé. Although my condition is chronic, and I still have my bad days, with Nari’s help I am able to sleep nearly 8 hours without getting up to use the restroom. There are days when I even forget I have IC because I will realize I haven’t been to the restroom in hours. As long as I stick to my diet, my pelvic pain doesn’t effect my daily living. Often the pain is nonexistent. I owe so much to the treatment I received from Nari. I even chose to continue to Physician’s Assistant graduate school so I can help women with their pelvic pain.

But Nari isn’t just my physical therapist. She was at 19 and still is the only person I could talk with about my condition without fear of judgement. I often wonder where my life would have lead me without the help I had received by going to physical therapy with Nari. Would I still have severe pelvic pain? Would I have been able to have an intimate relationship with the man I love? Would I have been able to sit through a class in graduate school without getting up constantly and embarrassingly to use the rest room?

If you are desperately searching for help and don’t know where to turn, look no further. Healthy Pelvis changed my life, and I am sure it can change yours too.

Patient RH

I am so happy to recommend Nari Clemmons as a pelvic floor therapist. She has changed my life and this is how: I suffered for about two years from urine and bowl inconstancy. I thought for my age of 78 that this is one of the issues for aging. When I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, for my annual check up last November, I was told that I could benefit from pelvic floor therapy.

The physical therapy department at Mayo Clinic  said the best pelvic floor therapist they ever knew is Nari Clemons and that I am lucky that she i practicing in Indianapolis. They said, “If you have to wait for months to see her, the wait is worth it. She can do wonders that no one else can for your problem.”  So, I waited until February when Nari opened her own clinic and I believe I am one of her first patients at her new clinic; I couldn’t wait to have her treatments.   I have completed the treatments and am no longer suffering from incontenence. Through her physical therapy, massages and advice on cutting out foods that seem to aggravate my condition, Nari has made me feel young again.

Thank you, Nari. You are a miracle worker.

Patient KM

Nari is the BEST. I am an oncology patient in remission. Prior to treatment, i had 4th degree tears during the birth of my first son. Nari has helped me with pelvic floor/incontinence issues from the tears (that were exacerbated by the cancer treatments), the fascial/muscle issues from radiation treatment, and other health setbacks that resulted from chemo treatment. She is gentle, compassionate, and warm. I highly recommend her–she is a true healer.

Patient VJ

I have had pelvic floor pain,specifically pudendal nerve entrapment, for the last 14 months.  Prior to sessions with Nari the pain was 7-10 on the pain scale and occurred daily.  I am very pleased to say that Nari has reduced the pain to 0-3  on a daily basis.
I am so grateful to have found Nari and grateful to the physician that recommended her.
DO NOT hesitate to seek her out!.


Patrick Woodman, DO, Urogynecologic Surgeon and Chief of Specialty Care at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

“Nari has impeccable credentials.  She has singled herself out from her peers by her interest and passion for her field, her caring, her teaching interest and her aptitude.  Several of my pelvic pain patients, whom no one else has been able to help, have sought me out to tell the wonderful, miraculous work that Nari has done with them.  She runs a local continuing education series for urolgists, OB/GYN’s, nurses, and PT’s with topics ranging from urinary incontinence to vulvar dermatoses.  She is obviously intelligent, but more importantly, she is inquisitive, conscientious, and always available.  Nari is soft-spoken, reassuring, and patient.  I believe she has the people skills to work with others.”

Lee A Learman, MD, Phd, Chair, department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Chlarence E. Ehrlich Professor. (Dr. Learman runs a pelvic pain clinic at IU)

“I refer patients with myofascial pain syndromes of the abdomen, pelvic, and hip region to Nari for physical therapy intervention.  Many of my fellow OB/GYN’s also refer to Nari.  I chose to refer to Nari because of the feedback I receive from my patients, patient outcomes, and her particular skills and education.  When patients return after a course of therapy, I commonly hear how impressed they were with Nari’s caring, compassionate and holistic approach to their wellness, as well as her technical skills.  Many of my patents have sexual pain syndromes and face emotional and social, as well as physical challenges.  Nari seeks to understand each pain patient as an individual with a unique set of physical and emotional contributors to their condition….Nari has been able to help many of my patients who have not had success with other PT specialists.  It is remarkable how many of my patients with chronic pain experience rapid improvement as they work with Nari”

Diane Settles, MD, Gastroenterologist, Assistant Clinical Professor or Medicine

“I work as a Gastroenterolgist, (specializing) in bowel motility disorders and pelvic floor within the realm of gastroenterology and hepatology.  I did specialized training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  When I first started my career at IUHealth, I sought out a meeting with the lead pelvic therapist, Nari Clemons.  Nari travelled to Mayo and learned the program…only (otherwise) offered at Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins.  For patients with chronic constipation, this (program) is a low cost alternative with no adverse side effects….Nari also offers treatments to treat fecal incontinence with success…. I send patients to Nari because she is the only practicing physical therapist in the area with this specific skill set….Nari offers expertise beyond what we see in most pelvic floor therapists.  Her skills and techniques are beyond the scope of a general physical therapist…in the Indianapolis/Carmel Area.  We rely on her skill set and patient rapport for our patients.”

Christy Krieg, MSN, FNP, Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioner

“Nari has helped many of my patients—both female and male—reduce pain through non-pharmacologic means, being ever sensitive to the personal nature of the condition and the individual needs of each client.  Nari never shies from taking on challenging patients, including those with neurologic comorbidities or a history of radiation therapy, which complicates their management.  Additionally, Nari is highly skilled and specially trained in treating men with pelvic floor dysfunction, hernia-related chronic pain, and those with post-prostatectomy complications.  Nari has demonstrated great skill, experience, and expertise in helping my patients, and I trust completely her clinic decision making and judgement.  She is a provider with incredible dedication and skill.”