Doctor Testimonials

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Patrick Woodman, DO, Urogynecologic Surgeon and Chief of Specialty Care at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

“Nari has impeccable credentials.  She has singled herself out from her peers by her interest and passion for her field, her caring, her teaching interest and her aptitude.  Several of my pelvic pain patients, whom no one else has been able to help, have sought me out to tell the wonderful, miraculous work that Nari has done with them.  She runs a local continuing education series for urolgists, OB/GYN’s, nurses, and PT’s with topics ranging from urinary incontinence to vulvar dermatoses.  She is obviously intelligent, but more importantly, she is inquisitive, conscientious, and always available.  Nari is soft-spoken, reassuring, and patient.  I believe she has the people skills to work with others.”

Lee A Learman, MD, Phd, Chair, department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Chlarence E. Ehrlich Professor. (Dr. Learman runs a pelvic pain clinic at IU)

“I refer patients with myofascial pain syndromes of the abdomen, pelvic, and hip region to Nari for physical therapy intervention.  Many of my fellow OB/GYN’s also refer to Nari.  I chose to refer to Nari because of the feedback I receive from my patients, patient outcomes, and her particular skills and education.  When patients return after a course of therapy, I commonly hear how impressed they were with Nari’s caring, compassionate and holistic approach to their wellness, as well as her technical skills.  Many of my patents have sexual pain syndromes and face emotional and social, as well as physical challenges.  Nari seeks to understand each pain patient as an individual with a unique set of physical and emotional contributors to their condition….Nari has been able to help many of my patients who have not had success with other PT specialists.  It is remarkable how many of my patients with chronic pain experience rapid improvement as they work with Nari”

Diane Settles, MD, Gastroenterologist, Assistant Clinical Professor or Medicine

“I work as a Gastroenterolgist, (specializing) in bowel motility disorders and pelvic floor within the realm of gastroenterology and hepatology.  I did specialized training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  When I first started my career at IUHealth, I sought out a meeting with the lead pelvic therapist, Nari Clemons.  Nari travelled to Mayo and learned the program…only (otherwise) offered at Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins.  For patients with chronic constipation, this (program) is a low cost alternative with no adverse side effects….Nari also offers treatments to treat fecal incontinence with success…. I send patients to Nari because she is the only practicing physical therapist in the area with this specific skill set….Nari offers expertise beyond what we see in most pelvic floor therapists.  Her skills and techniques are beyond the scope of a general physical therapist…in the Indianapolis/Carmel Area.  We rely on her skill set and patient rapport for our patients.”

Christy Krieg, MSN, FNP, Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioner

“Nari has helped many of my patients—both female and male—reduce pain through non-pharmacologic means, being ever sensitive to the personal nature of the condition and the individual needs of each client.  Nari never shies from taking on challenging patients, including those with neurologic comorbidities or a history of radiation therapy, which complicates their management.  Additionally, Nari is highly skilled and specially trained in treating men with pelvic floor dysfunction, hernia-related chronic pain, and those with post-prostatectomy complications.  Nari has demonstrated great skill, experience, and expertise in helping my patients, and I trust completely her clinic decision making and judgement.  She is a provider with incredible dedication and skill.” 

Gaston Da Costa, M.D, Neurologist and Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology.

“All the patients that were referred to (Nari) on my behalf communicated thier satisfaction, and more importantly, their significant clinical progress towards resolution of the reason why they were referred to physical therapy.  Mrs. Clemons has demonstrated throughout the years, a considerable fund of knowledge that has been traduced in positive clinical outcomes on every referral.  Her professionalism knows no restrictions, her compassion knows no limits.”

Ginat Mirowski, MD, Vulvar and Mucosal Dermatologist

“I first became aware of Nari through word of mouth from patents who had been helped by her.  I refer patients to Nari because I trust they will receive the highest quality pelvic physical therapy care with compassion.  Nari treats patients with caring, respect, and understanding.  Nari is one of the very few therapists who enjoys working with chronic pelvic pain, a greatly underserved population.  Nari uses several methods of manual therapy, taking a comprehensive and unique approach with each patient.  She achieves excellent results and communicates progress and concerns with referring physicians.  She is a leader and an excellent clinician.”