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Bowels and Digestion

Digestion is something that you don’t think about, when it’s going right. But, when it’s going wrong, it can really be preoccupying. Here is the gamut of digestive stuff we can help with.

Irritable Bowel: Irritable bowel can be caused by foods, which most people have seen a GI and worked out prior to seeing us. We can help you identify common irritants, but where we can really help is with visceral manipulation for the small intestine and sphincters. Yes, we can also help you learn how to breathe better and bowel mechanics, and relaxation techniques. One common cause of irritable bowel and bloat is SIBO, and all of these are made worse when there is restriction or some adhesion along the bowels from prior surgery or endo. We can help with that (usually by 6 sessions, we will know if we can help).

Constipation: We can help you learn habit modification, do visceral (organ) work to help the movement of the sigmoid, cecum, and rectum. We can carefully assess if pelvic floor tone or the puborectalis is a part of the issue and can treat the pelvic floor and help stretch and relax muscles. Additionally, we can give you biofeedback training in the clinic and then have you practice at your commode at home to learn how to relax the sphincter and anal outlet to allow stool to pass.

Fecal Incontinence: Leaking stool or being unable to hold gas is a problem that makes people’s lives smaller and smaller. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. It will all begin with a very thorough assessment of your pelvic floor and anal outlet muscles, a review of diet and commonly irritating food and highly prescriptive strengthening and manual therapy on any scarring or tightness. We can also employ very specific electrical stimulation, targeted on the parts of your muscle that can be bulked to help. Often with manipulating these variables and forming some new habits, people can get their life back.

Rectal pain: Please see pelvic pain page.

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