What will my care be?

We believe good care takes time and attention.   You will have a 90 minute initial evaluation and treatment by Nari (owner), after thoroughly reviewing all your paperwork and history.  Your follow ups are 50-55 minutes of one on one care with Nari, not being rushed through a system or passed to assistants and aids for your care. Your care will consist of both evidence-based practices and holistic approaches.

Though the primary modality is very specific manual therapy and education for self care, we also may utilize biofeedback, internal electrical stimulation, dilation therapy, exercise prescription, patient education, home programs, and lifestyle modifications.  We will start where you are comfortable, and you are in charge of each session.

What will my first visit be like?

First and foremost, it will not be painful.  I do not believe we need to increase your pain to decrease your pain.  That makes no sense to me.  On your first visit, we will do a  thorough medical history review, including all areas of pelvic functioning (urinary, bowel, and bladder).

Good care takes time.  We ask for your intake paperwork in advance (9 pages), and we thoroughly review it before the first visit.  Every aspect of your history will be considered to obtain a thorough understanding of which of our treatments are warranted.  A gentle physical therapy exam will then be performed, which may include internal muscle evaluation, external joint and muscle evaluation, and gait analysis.  Together we will discuss how your condition has disrupted your life, set wellness goals, and conceive a structured therapy plan to meet those goals.  Exams are as pain free as possible:  even patients with pelvic pain are surprised that the process does not hurt.  You will need to have a physician who is overseeing your care and can sign the care plan we submit.  Plan on a full 90 minute visit for your first visit with us.

Will it hurt?

NO.  Patients are frequently surprised that techniques which are so gentle are able bring about so much change in the body. Our goal is to minimize all discomfort as we work with you.  Even if you have had painful pelvic PT or exams in the past, it is my belief that we can not resolve pain by inflicting more pain.  The clinic is a very comforting environment, and the treatments are relaxing and pain free.  Many patients fall asleep while I work on them!  Please do not use past pelvic physical therapy or painful experiences to form a preconceived notion of what will happen here.

How many visits will it take to get better?

This is difficult to answer without having an evaluation.  You should see a significant difference in your pain and function by the 4th visit.   Most patients schedule once a week for the first month, then two additional visits two weeks apart.  Most patients find the severity of the pain has greatly reduced and they have had a significant return to function by the 6th visit.  However, many patients find that visceral work once a month helps their entire body and emotions to work more smoothly and that they just feel better with a monthly “tune up”.  So, most patients stay on for monthly or quarterly self care and relaxation.  Some patients are better in 2 visits, some take 12.  It just depends on the individual and the pattern of dysfunction, how many compensations have occurred over time, and how the patient’s whole picture of health and self care is.

What are your hours?

We offer varying appointments each day, with the majority of hours during “school hours” and some early morning hours or evening hours.

Do I need a script from my doctor?

Yes, please.  We prefer one.  You will need to have a physician you have seen for your care who will sign a care plan.    We can do an initial evaluation and then seek the script from your physician if you would like to self refer.    Keep in mind, there can be many reasons for pelvic or abdominal pain or dysfunction, so a medical screening from your primary care is necessary at some time.  You can download a referral form to take to your doctor from our forms section on the website.

Do you treat men?

Absolutely, see the “conditions treated” tab drop down and chose the “male conditions” section.

What is your cancellation policy?

This varies from initial and follow up visits.

For evaluation visits, we do not make exceptions, since we block out a full 1.5 hours

  • For Evaluations, we will require a deposit, refundable only with 2 business days (M-F) notice, which is half the cost of an evaluation visit.

For ongoing patients:

  1. After the first no show or less than 24 hour cancel, we give you a friendly reminder of our policy.
  2. Once the patient has had a second  <24 hour cancel, you will be required to pay for the missed visit in order to continue care.
  3. For long term/wellness care patients, the grace no show/cancel resets every 6 months.
  4. If there is severe winter weather and Portland or Beaverton schools are cancelled or delayed, we will  likely  be.  Please check your phone and email before driving in on severe weather days.  Please do not put yourself in harm’s way to get here, etc.
  5. We are moms and understand if you have family needs come up, so let us know as soon as you can.
  6. Please do not come if you are sick.

Do you take insurance?

For the optimal care of my patients, I have made the decision to be an out of network provider starting 2014.  I collect payment at the time of service, and I will provide you with a superbill receipt to self submit to your insurance, who will reimburse you directly (except for Medicare, see below).  We do not fill out insurance paperwork.  My patients are generally patients who have seen many providers and not responded to conventional therapies.  I offer longer sessions, treatments not available at most clinics, and treat in the way that is best for the patients.

When calling your insurance regarding benefit, ask about out of network coverage for physical therapy, if they cover PT for your specific diagnosis, and if they will cover chronic conditions.   Even if your insurance does not cover out of network care, you can apply the cost to your annual deductible.  Medicare patients, please scroll to the next session down.

What will it cost?

The rates for Portland for October 2019 are as follow:

  • Initial appointment and treatment (90 minutes in person, 30 minutes reviewing your intake paperwork before your visit):  $240***
  •  Follow up treatment (50-55 minutes)  $160 cash or check.
  • No-show or last minute cancellation:  full visit cost if not within cancellation window (48 hours for evals, 24 hours for follow ups)
  • ***Please note, this is the amount of time that is reserved for you.  It is the patient’s responsibility to arrive 15 minutes prior to appointments to do daily paperwork and change.  If the patient is late, it will naturally reduce the treatment time for that day.
  •  We require completed paperwork prior to scheduling the first visit/evaluation.

Medicare Patients:

As of 2014, I do not have a relationship with Medicare, which means I can not treat patients who wish to submit to Medicare or for conditions normally covered by Medicare.  Please let us know if you would like a recommendation to a different provider.

Can I see you if I live out of town?

Yes, I will.  However, if you are wanting to come from across the country, I recommend you see someone closer first.  I can try to recommend someone closer to your region.  If you are coming from out of this region, we recommend 2 hours each day for 3 consecutive days.  Because we book out several months in advance, please plan to schedule these visits several months out.

If you come from just a few hours away, I am quite used to this, and we can try to work out your appointments at a time that works for you.  I know many excellent therapists, so we can try to get you rolling and let you have appointments with someone closer to you in between visits to Portland, if you like.  Additionally, if you have a local therapist who would like some mentoring, they can see my mentoring page and learn things that may help you.  I am happy to work in tandem with your local therapist.