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Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Pelvic and Nerve Pain
Pain anywhere from your belly to your thighs. Including urinary, sexual, or digestive structures, SI Pain, Hip pain.

Sexual Dysfunction/Pain

Pain before, during, or after intimacy.


When organs descend past the optimal position.


Adhesions, pain, scar tissue, help returning to function.

Bladder Issues

Urgency to go, going frequently, leaking, difficulty emptying bladder.

Male Care

Treating Men with the same care and detail as women.

Somatic Trauma Reduction

Helping the body be free of stored trauma in the tissues.

Bowels and Digestion

Bloat, IBS, Constipation, fecal or gas incontinence.

Gender/Trans Care

In addition to previously listed options, focused services including fascial restriction after top or bottom surgery.

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