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Portland Pelvic Therapy: Our Approach
If you’ve tried pelvic therapy before, your outcomes here will likely be different for many reasons.

Holistic care to get to the root of your physical dysfunction

We can use many ways to help you, not just stretching trigger points. From treating many different structures in each area of the body (not just muscles or bones), addressing the mind body connection, looking at ways to help the body through lifestyle, and allowing presence and space and dialogue for body (somatic) held trauma to release, we treat you as a whole person. Because you are.

Hands-on anatomic


This practice does much more than kegels. We do internal work, vaginal and rectal. And it doesn’t stop there. By using visceral (organ) manipulation, we can treat pain or restriction in the organ system. We have specific techniques for the uterus, ligaments, and bladder. We use neural manipulation to decompress the pathways of the nerves and work on the held fluid dynamics within the nerve that are causing pain or dysfunction. We do extensive fascial work inside and outside the pelvis that is driven by your particular restriction or pain pattern, which is not a cookie cutter approach. And of course, we can treat pelvic floor muscle issues. Manual therapy is an art, a skill that is a refined through training and thousands of hours of practice. Nari doesn’t just treat, she teaches, so you can be sure you are getting the best hands on care around.

Trauma-reducing presence and techniques

Our bodies are very kind. When things happen like surgery, injury, pain, even emotional trauma, the body holds a record. Rather than overwhelming our system, it’s almost like a little pocket is made to store that experience, until we are ready. So often patients come in and say, “I just haven’t seemed to feel pleasure in my pelvis since that birth went wrong.” Or “I know my childhood history is affecting my decreased capacity to get rid of pain here”. Or, “I swear this all started after the death of my child/mother/sister”. You are not crazy!!!. Sometimes we need someone who can hold deep presence, while doing precise manual therapy, allowing us to dialogue and feel parts of our body that have felt estranged to us. And in that process, some deep healing and letting go can happen.

Comprehensive healing backed by a deep knowledge of research

In the pelvic floor world there are 4 continuing education courses one takes to prepare for certification. Nari teaches these very classes and has helped write several of them, for Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehab, the leading provider of pelvic floor continuing education in this country. Nari has also written her own courses on nerve pain, and all these courses are heavily rooted in current research. When discussing options and outcomes, we rely on research to inform our discussions and shared development of your treatment plan.

Receive treatment in a calm, private, relaxed atmosphere

In this world where health care can feel like fast food, where all the parts and history of the body are held in isolation, instead of one integrated unit, or where the mind, body, and spirit are treated as separate, we can find ourselves going from specialist to specialist without anyone connecting the dots. Healthcare visits can be short and rushed, and care is often dictated by the insurance companies saying providers are “not allowed” to address a body part that was not in the original diagnosis. Though we do provide superbills and a company that helps with reimbursement, we choose to be out of network to provide a boutique, expert experience that is unique to you, far from cookie cutter, and with time and attention to really know your case from a provider who is highly skilled.

Elite care for empaths and highly sensitive persons

Maybe you find there are so many little things wrong, or you seem to “pick up” feelings, emotions, stress from others and have a hard time letting them go in your body. Maybe your nervous system developed in a stressful situation that left you a bit hyper-aware of others. We find that so many of our clients with endometriosis or autoimmunity are also highly empathic, sensitive, or energetically permeable. Nari is also! In recovering from chronic illness herself, she found she had to search near and far to find the specific tools to help her manage this in a world not build for sensitives. This is not something normally addressed in healthcare, but you know if this rings true and you are someone who would benefit from ways for life to feel less hard being sensitive.

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