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Gender/Trans Care

We are happy to help treat any pelvis.

Some issues that I see particular to transgender persons:

  1. Post surgical care: after surgery: top, bottom, or facial feminization, scar tissue and fascial restriction can create pain, loss of function, or decreased mobility. I am happy to help address any tissues that need care and a caring manual therapy touch. Also, I can help with strengthening and regaining muscle control after surgery, going far beyond kegels. Good manual therapy early is helpful. Also, I can help you to safely and effectively progress a dilation program.

  2. Trauma reduction and re-embodying your tissues. Sometimes after trauma or difficulty, people have a hard time coming home to their bodies…any part of their bodies. I am happy to hold presence for you, as we work on your tissues, helping you come home to your body. We work on areas of the body that feel safe for touch on day one and carefully dialogue about what feels safe over time.

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