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Meet Nari Kaur Clemons
Physical Therapist
Certified Pelvic Rehab Provider (PRPC)

Holistic Healing Through Unique Approaches to Comprehensive Well-Being

Nari Kaur Clemons stands out for her expertise and clinical skill in the realm of pelvic therapy and pelvic pain. She is specifically certified in Pelvic Rehab (PRPC certification). Excelling beyond pelvic therapy, Nari teaches and writes the specific courses that therapists take to get certified in her field (through Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehab). With Herman Wallace, she teaches the entire pelvic rehab series (PF1, PF2A, PF2B, Capstone). Nari has also authored the manual nerve series for Herman Wallace (Lumbar Nerve Manual Assessment and Treatment Level 1 & 2, as well as Sacral Nerve Manual Assessment and Treatment (Levels 1 & 2). Nari is also an empath herself and has created a course for empaths and boundaries in healthcare to keep providers well. Furthermore, Nari was one of the national authors for question creation for the board certification exam. Additionally, Nari has done extensive study in fascial work and can treat fascia to help unusual pain syndromes like clitoral pain, a scar that feels tight or like it is creating mischief, or painful sex (dyspareunia). Nari has taken hundreds of hours of study in Visceral Manipulation (a manual therapy specific for organs, which is incredibly helpful for endometriosis, post surgical issues, digestive upset, bladder and organ dysfunction and pain). Nari has also studied and created her own coursework for pelvic nerve pain, including pudendal neuralgia or nerve based vulvodynia. Most of all, Nari is a caring healer. She has had a 30 year daily meditation practice, and can hold presence and help you dive deep to uncover the root of your issues, whether physical, emotional, or a combination. As an intuitive and empath, she is often able to find links and connections that have likely not been addressed before.

Meet Nari
Holistic Healing

Our Expertise

Approached Holistically


Pelvic & Nerve Pain

Pain anywhere from your belly to your thighs: including  SI joint, hip, low back, pudendal neuralgia, genitals.


& Surgery

Adhesions, pain, scar tissue, help returning to function

Somatic Trauma Reduction

Helping the body be free of stored trauma in the tissues.

Sexual Dysfunction & Pain

Pain before, during, or after intimacy.

Bladder Issues

Urgency to go, going frequently, leaking, difficulty emptying bladder.

Bowels & Digestion

Bloat, IBS, Constipation, fecal or gas incontinence.


When organs descend past the optimal position, creating a bulge, discomfort, or dysfunction

Male Care

Treating certain men's pelvic health isses (read more) with the same care and detail as women.

Gender/Trans Care

Inclusive care & manual therapy for fascial restriction or pain after top or bottom surgery.

Engagement Options

Delighted to connect in the most impactful way.

Reiki Treatment
Crowd Applauding
Meditating Outdoors
Business Consultation


"I suffered for over 30 yrs with constipation and bowel obstructions due to adhesions from several abdominal surgeries. Nari’s treatments have made me a new woman. I also had pelvic floor issues which she uncovered during the course of my treatment and corrected those as well. I no longer have the incontinence problem I was beginning to develop. I am so grateful I was referred to her and only wish she had been around sooner to help me with this painful and difficult condition and several hospitalizations."

— Patient PA

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Portland, Oregon 97229

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