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Somatic Trauma Reduction

Our bodies are very kind to us. When we have too much trauma for our mind to process, or when hard things happen, they hold the memories in little pockets. Sometimes we may feel like we have done a lot of counseling and mental reframing, but when it comes to it, we still have a body memory of the event.

So often patients say, “You will think I’m crazy, but this pain started when _____ happened in my life.”

Nope, not crazy.

In time the fear of the memory can be stronger than the memory itself. Our bodies hold it until (I think) we are ready to address it. Then, it may come up as a growing pain, or a growing stiffness.

We don’t go chasing trauma in the body. Meaning, I don’t assume every problem in the body is energetic or emotional. But there is no line in our body demarcating where feelings end and structure start. They go hand in hand.

By using intuitive listening to the body, we can line up tissues where memories are stored away from the conscious mind, and as I hold presence, your body can let go of things it has been holding.

Sometimes that is all physical.

Sometimes it comes with tears, crying, or memories.

It’s all good to let go of, and it’s all welcomed here.

I am happy to support your whole being.

Often, patients who have already worked on things with counseling and meditation or yoga and movement therapy will have rapid resolution of stiffnesses or restrictions that have been held for a long time, when we add incredibly specific bodywork.

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